Washer ‘n’ Dryer News

Get ready for the most fascinating blog post in the history of all blog posting.

Last week we got a new washer and dryer.  You may remember me posting something like 11,036 pictures.  Today is the first telecommuting day since they were delivered, which means it is the first day that I’ve sat in my office approximately directly above the laundry room.  (Is “approximately directly” even a thing?)

Normally on telecommute days I kick off a load of laundry before work and then as the day goes on I pop in and out of the cellar and do bits of laundry here and there (those trips usually coincide with bathroom breaks).  Our old washer was sort of old, 9-10 years or so?  It had a bad habit of kicking off the spin cycle while it should have been filling.  It was an odd duck.  The dryer was my Uncle’s.  We had it for about 11 years, even before we moved into the house, but I have no idea how long Johnny had it before we got it.  It worked (at least until two weeks ago) but it didn’t work well.  I had to run each load of laundry through it twice (sometimes three times) to get the clothes dry.

The new machines are high tech.  They have touch pads for controls, and all sorts of fun lights and gizmos.  They even play music when they finish running.  None of that is what made me want to write this epic post about them though.  What was it that inspired me?

They are quiet.  So very quiet.  The old machines were clunky.  They made noise while they ran.  Not bad or anything, but if I sat in the office while they ran I could hear them.  The new machines are not silent or anything, but they are super quiet.  The sound of the water running through the outflow hose is actually louder than the washing machine itself.

What technological marvels will they think of next?

One thought on “Washer ‘n’ Dryer News

  1. Whew! For a minute there I was afraid you were about to say one of them broke down. I love our new washer/dryer, they’re not all that high-tech like yours, but they are pretty quiet and they do play music at the end of their cycle. Of course, if you’re hard of hearing you’d never know that (like Sherm)! They also wash/dry the clothes in what seems like record time! Glad yours are running well too.

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