Oh No: G.A.S. Attack

Gear Acquisition Syndrome hit me really hard tonight.

I was watching a video demoing a multi-effects pedal and they were using a rotary speaker emulator and the G.A.S. hit me like a barbed wire wrapped wooden baseball bat to the head. The desire to have a rotary speaker pedal on my board went full classic Negan on me.

Somehow that turned into a need for a good pitch shifter too, and an expression pedal to pair it with. Where did that come from?

My wallet tried to assert some sanity and steered me toward two Electro Harmonics pedals, the Lester G and the Pitchfork, in the hopes that they would be reasonably priced.

I suppose they were, when compared to the competition, but together they come to about $400. Ouch.

This is going to be a tough fight. I think I’m in trouble. Crud.

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