Tie the Damn Game!

The Bruins keep coming back and tying the game and then the Canadiens keep jumping back into the lead.  It’s 4-3 after two periods.  I need a come back in the third, big time.  The universe depends on it!

This is from Sunday’s band practice.  I am posting this song for two reasons.  First and foremost, it is brutally easy and yet every. single. time. I. play. it. I absolutely butcher it.  Like… you can’t even believe how bad I screw this stupidly easy song into the ground and stab it until it bleeds to death.  This time though, I only missed one note.  That’s it.  It might be the best I’ve ever played it… which isn’t saying much because as I said it’s stupidly easy.  Second, one of the other guys said something nice about how I played the solo.  Aww, thanks.  Also, can you hear the new effect Mike was test driving on the bass?  I think it fills in the gaps nicely.

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