Fail.  Traffic.  Urgh.  I didn’t make it to the polls tonight.  I didn’t vote for Mayor or City Council or School Committee.  I am a bad American today.

The Bruins are playing the Canadiens tonight.  They are down 1-0 with about six minutes left in the first period.  I could really handle a Bruins win tonight to make me feel better about sucking at Democracy.

I was just going to write that I want Pastrnak to tie the game and wouldn’t you know it, Pastrnak just tied the freakin’ game.  I think that’s 15 goals in 15 games for him.  Ya know, nothing major, right Gretzky?

Oh well, the Canadiens just scored again.  We’re down 2-1.  Damn.  Depression rising… rising… rising.

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