Appliances and Furniture and Stuff

I forget exactly when it was, but at some point earlier in the year (or was it last year?) Jen and I went to a furniture store and ordered a crap ton of new stuff.  I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I think it was a new living room, dining room, and maybe a new master bedroom?  The next day we came to our senses and realized it was way too much money to spend all at once.  We cancelled the whole thing.  Not long after that we brought the kids into the discussion and ended up redoing the living room.  Most of it at least.  I still want to get another comfy chair for the back of the room, but otherwise it’s all new and improved.

Fast forward to two weeks ago (I might have mentioned this one already but I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to check).  Jen casually mentions that our washer and dryer are really old and we should probably look into replacing them before they die on us.  No way, says me.  They are clunky and less than 100% reliable, but they work all right and we shouldn’t spend the money to upgrade until we have to.  Then the dryer died on literally the next load of laundry.  Muthapussbucket!  Well, we could get it fixed, but it was already old and feeble, so I guess the time has come.

We bought a new washer and dryer this weekend.  They will be delivered next weekend.  I need to go downstairs during the week and clean everything out so that the new stuff can come in.  The spider population is going to be pissed.  Oh well.  It sucks to be you, you bunch of awful eight legged freaks (though you are still infinitely preferable to House Centipedes… those bastards are beyond evil).

Thanksgiving is approaching and we’re going to host this year.  That plus the washer/dryer shopping plus having already made an attempt at a new dining room set equals us talking about going furniture shopping again.  We do need a new dining room, the chairs are in particularly rough shape due to having my enormous ass crushing them over and over again since I started dating Jen in 2007, but we don’t really need a new bedroom set.  Still… we have more than enough room in the new bedroom/former garage to fit a king sized bed.  Maybe it’s time… Maybe.

We’ll see… we’ll see.

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