Practice Recap


I did something to my back yesterday morning and it’s been hurting like hell ever since. I played my SG at practice tonight because it’s 10000000 times lighter than my Les Paul.

I bought my first Les Paul in 1988. In all that time since then I’ve been hearing people bitch about how heavy they are. The body is a great big thick chunk of solid wood and they weigh a ton compared to most other guitars. Since ’88 I’ve been hearing people complain about how bad they are for your back. Since the coming of the internet the number of bitching voices has increased a zillion fold. I never bought it though. Yeah my Custom is a heavy sucker but it sounds amazing and it plays amazing and suck it up, wuss. Then two weeks ago I was at band practice and I thought to myself, for the first time in 31 years, “damn this gitter is heavy. I wish I had something lighter tonight.”

That, plus whatever I did to my back yesterday morning, meant I took the lighter guitar tonight. The strings on it are old and rusty and dead. I wanted to change them before practice but didn’t have time. I was too busy getting the single worst haircut I’ve ever had to suffer through, so I played the dead strings.

Despite the back pain and the lifeless strings there were one or two moments that I did something in a guitar solo that made me think to myself, “you’re kinda shredding tonight.” An overstatement, of course, but still. Did I do that? I’m the only guitar player in the band so it musta been me.

For most of the practice though I was thinking… we’ve got a gig in a few weeks and I am playing super sloppy.

Practice, Robert. You need to practice. Get off your ass and practice the damn songs.

We’ll see if things improve for next Sunday.

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