Down the Tubes

I was supposed to go to Burlington next weekend to visit my step daughter at school. That’s off the table now and I’m pretty pissed about it. I have to be available for work, and a three hour drive is not being available. I’m not mad that I have to work, it’s likely I won’t actually have to work at all, I just have to be around just in case. I’m mad that this is the second time our visit plans have fallen apart. Originally we were supposed to be up there this weekend but that fell through. Going next weekend was plan B. I was really looking forward to this and now it’s gone. Now I won’t be seeing her until Thanksgiving.

Jen is still going. There is no way I would even dream about trying to stop her. My step son was supposed to have the place to himself for a couple of days, but that’s off the table now too. I’m thinking about locking myself in my room so he can at least pretend he’s on his own. I doubt that will work though.

File this one under disappointment. Crud.

One thought on “Down the Tubes

  1. I’m really sorry! I was looking forward to all of us meeting up there next Saturday. I’m still glad to be going to see Bellana, and I’m still glad that Jennifer is going, but I’m disappointed you won’t be there. Thanksgiving seems a long way off, but it’ll be here before you know it – and Christmas too!

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