I Messed Up

I’m thinking that I might be a little more worked up about this whole kid moving to college thing than I thought.

I’ve mentioned here about a quadrillionzillion times that my brother and I spend our Friday evenings with my mother while my father does volunteer work.  This week is supposed to be my turn, but I’m not going to be around.  I’m going to be off doing college things.

Normally when a conflict comes up I talk to my brother and sister to see if one of them can cover for me.  In almost every case one of them has been able to take over.  Once in a great while none of us are available and my father stays home.

Last month when we went to Florida we were gone for one of my Fridays.  I spoke to my brother and sister and one of them covered.  I think my brother had a conflict too and I took one of his nights.  If you had asked me about it yesterday I would have sworn up and down and back and front that I also asked one of them to cover this week.

I did not.

I checked text messages and emails and I KNEW I had one that would prove me right, but I didn’t.  Nothing.  Friday happens to be my brother’s birthday so I didn’t want to ask him for help.  My sister was free and she will take care of things for me.

But I was positive, POSITIVE that I took care of this.

I asked Jen about it after I had everything straightened out and she said we talked about it while we were at my sister’s house for my nephew’s birthday.  She couldn’t remember if we resolved the question or not, but I least I’m not 100% nuts.  Just partly nuts.

Well, either I’m nuts or I am just distracted by something right now.  Something that is imminent and consuming more of my thoughts than I thought.

Lisa, thanks for covering.  John, thanks for reminding me that I needed to get someone to cover.


One thought on “I Messed Up

  1. Don’t beat yourself up! This is such an emotional week for everyone, that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that something like this could happen. Thank heavens it all worked out!

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