Emotionally Rough Week Ahead

Well we are almost there. My step daughter’s last weekend before leaving for college is behind us. By this time next week she’ll be in class doing great things.

I find myself repeatedly reminding people* that we are complex human beings who are capable of feeling complicated emotions. For example, we can simultaneously be thrilled for the opportunities awaiting a college freshman while still being miserable about her leaving. It’s okay to feel both things at once. In fact it would be more unsettling to feel one of those feelings without the other.

*when I say I am reminding people I mostly mean I’m reminding myself. That was clear, right?

She has a couple of days at her dad’s house and a couple of days at our house and then she’s off. We are all acting like she’s leaving for good, but that’s just an over reaction. She’s even coming home in a few weeks for a little family outing. Sheeesh, people (me) relax!

Yeah, I’m freaking out. You, dear readers, are just gonna have to deal with it for a while.


One thought on “Emotionally Rough Week Ahead

  1. I miss her already! I’m so glad to be meeting her for lunch today. Every time I think about her I tear up. I don’t think it was quite this bad when my own daughter went away to college!!!


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