Infinite Frustration

Two microphones, two microphone cables.  Use an XLR to 1/4″ adapter and plug them into my guitar amplifier.  Everything works.

Plug each mic in turn into one of two Lexicon USB audio interfaces.  They don’t have an input level monitor but they do have peak lights so I max the input gain and tap the mic and see that the peak lights go on.  Signal successfully gets from the mic to the interface.

Plug both USB audio interfaces into my MacBook Pro in turn.  GarageBand recognizes both units and allows me to select them as audio inputs.  I can then open two new tracks and select the mic input as the input source.  GarageBand clearly recognizes both audio interfaces and everything works on that front.

I tap the end of the mic, which I know works, and it gets to the interface, which I know receives the audio, and it never gets to the track.  Two mics, two interfaces.  No signal getting to the computer.

Bring out my iPad and my little lightning cable audio interface.  Plug the mic into it.  No signal gets to the iPad.

What the ever loving fuck?

Literally every piece of this equation worked in February, the last time I tried to record anything.  Literally all of it.  Nothing has changed.  Why doesn’t any of it work now?


2 thoughts on “Infinite Frustration

  1. It’s because you need it to work now. I don’t know why or how, but the universe always knows the difference between when something doesn’t matter and when something is important as hell. And it always, always, makes things stop working when it knows they’re important. Trust me.


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