The Lost Month

Last week the other three guys in the band were all set to practice on Sunday but I had to cancel it in favor of The Great Frisbee Golf Disaster of 2019.  This week I was raring to go.  I even reached out to everyone during the week to make sure we were on for Sunday.  We were, right up until one of the guys got called in to work.

At that point I had to give everyone the heads up that I have a conflict next week.  That’s when we found out that the two guys who hadn’t caused a cancellation that day had a conflict the week after me.

The end result of all this is we are practice free for the entire month of August.  The only date we have booked right now is my high school reunion in late November.  That used to seem like it was a long way off, but suddenly it feels like it’s right around the corner.  It’s probably still too soon for the nerves to kick in, but we’re getting close to that point.

As Yes said on the Drama album, Tempus Fugit.  Right on.

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