The Intersection Between Smart and Dumb

I was such a good boy this morning.  I got up a little early and put in a load of laundry and made myself a lunch to bring to work.  Lunch at the cafeteria is pretty good and I tend to way over do it.  Brown bagging keeps me in line.  Brown bagging helps me stay on program for Weight Watchers (or WW or whatever we’re supposed to call it now).  Brown bagging is smart.  Folks in greater Boston might even say that brown bagging is wicked smaht.  I agree.

I got to work, put my lunch in the fridge, sat down at my desk, signed onto the network, and the building lost power.  Son of a… and the power came back.  Okay.  Not so bad.  Fast forward a little more than an hour.  We’re all getting ready to head into a conference room for our daily 10:00 check in meeting and the power goes out again.  This time it stayed out.  After about five minutes some of the higher ups and some of the in-the-knows come around and tell us that word on the street is the power is going to be out for a while.  We speculated that someone on a road construction crew (they seem to be everywhere in Waltham) zigged when he shoulda zagged and boom, power outage.

The official word for times like these is to go find a desk in another building.  For some of my group they are actually closer to home than to another one of our locations, so they can telecommute for the rest of the day.  I am not so lucky so I jump in the car and head South to the nearest building.

That’s when I remember that I left my brown bag lunch in the fridge.

Son of a…

Well, at least the cafe in my alternate building is good too.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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