Thinking Out Loud About Guitar Gear

Band practice tomorrow.  Fifty/ninety starts on Thursday.  Changes to the boards are on the table.

When I did RPM/Fawm this year I restricted myself to a small number of pedals.  I’m thinking about doing that for 50/90 too.  I’m just not sure how I want to do it.

For rehearsal tomorrow, I am thinking about taking the Keeley D&M Drive off of my band board and replacing it with either the Wampler Tumnus or the Klon KTR and the Fulltone OCD.  The OCD is happening but I’m not sure about the other pedal.  The KTR is my shiny new pedal so I am thinking that will stay home, assuming once 50/90 kicks off I will likely be playing more at home than with the band.  So the Tumnus and the OCD go to Mike’s tomorrow.

As for the stay at home setup, the little Vox Wah thingie whose model number I can never remember is a given.  So is the little MXR Phase 95.  I don’t plan on using a delay, so my Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail can come off the board.  The OCD and the Tumnus come off too.  The way it’s setup now, the Tumnus was a post-gain boost and I don’t need one of those for recording, so I don’t need to replace it.  What about the OCD?  I have a cheap Chinese OCD clone, the Joyo Ultimate Drive but I don’t think I want to pull that out.  Fulltone is actually teasing the holy hell out of us by hyping up the imminent release of a OCD pedal that uses germanium clipping diodes instead of silicon (I think it actually uses both, but whose counting).  Should I A: win the one he’s giving away on July 4th, or B: let my G.A.S. control my life and buy one as soon as he makes them available (probably going to happen) I could use that.  Until then, I am thinking about giving my Keeley Super Phat Mod one last chance.  I like it, but I don’t like it, but I wonder how it will sound paired up with the KTR.  Finally, what about fuzz.  I have a Wren and Cuff Tri Pi ’70 on the board now, but I am thinking about going Russian Big Muff.  Maybe one last hurrah for my Way Huge Russian Pickle before I decide to sell it.

That leaves a home board of Vox wah->Phase 95->KTR->Super Phat Mod->Russian Pickle.  Once I decide, and once July 4th comes, I will not allow myself to change anything (baring a Ge OCD magically falling into my hands).

That all sounds good to me.

After 50/90 the KTR can go onto the band board and the Tumnus can go back onto the home board, and the D&M can move into the living room to stay with the Vox MV50 I paired up with the electric keyboard the kids use.  I expect there will be plenty of occasions where I want to play guitar in the living room through that fun little amp, and I am going to need a supremely awesome overdrive pedal when I do.

What all this means is, I think I need a nap.  Night, everyone!

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