My step kids flew to Aruba today with their father and step mother.  They landed safe and sound about an hour ago.  Insert the sigh of relief here.

I was watching the progress of the flight on a map and it started my tiny brain thinking: Is Aruba technically in South America?  The answer is, yes.  That means my two step kids have officially set foot on three (3) continents.  North America, Europe, and South America.  I’m still stuck on one.

I have a lot of friends and family who have visited various places in Europe.  They are all in the two continent club.  Like the kids, my friends Larry and Nawal have been to three.  In their case it’s North America, Europe, and Africa.  I’ve been wracking my brain for about 10 minutes now trying to think if I know anyone else who is in the three continent club, or even the four continent club.  Maybe my brother in law’s sister?  She and her husband lived in Italy.  Did they ever travel South or East from there?  I don’t know.  Do I know anyone who has visited Australia?  Japan?  India?  Oh, I know a couple of people who’ve been to India, and in college I knew people from Iran (I think he was from Iran at least… what was that guy’s name?), Venezuela, and Nepal, but have any of them been to a third continent?

Maybe some day I’ll join the two continent club.  Not very likely that I’ll make it to three.  If the current US political system doesn’t change I might want to emigrate to Australia… they speak English and it’s really, really far away.  That could work.  Who knows.

Enjoy the trip, kids.  Have a blast!

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