Long Day

6:15pm.  Still at work.  If we don’t hear back from the site by 6:30 we are going to re-evaluate whether or not we have to stay.  We’re doing the right thing around here and the customer probably isn’t going to notice.  That’s okay.  I can’t control that.  I can only control what I do, and I feel like I’m doing the right thing.  Thumbs up, bro.

It’s been a long day.  Every day is a long day these days.  We are a few weeks away from a vacation.  I can’t wait.  My step daughter is off to college in the fall so this might be the last big trip with all four of us.  It’s going to be fun.  Sure the kids are going to want to go off on their own.  They are old enough.  They’ve been dealing with my dumb ass for 12 years so they’ve earned it.  It won’t be the whole time though.  We’ll get that quality time.

Until then, long days.  Short nights.  That’s supposed to be a good thing, but when you’re passed the point of having Summer vacation for 2+ months it just means your drive home is probably in the daylight.  Raise your hand if you miss Summer vacation.  My hand is emphatically up in the air, like Arnold Horshack.  Ooh, ooh, Mr Kotter!

I’m tired.  I’m always tired.  I don’t want to be, I just am.  I slept for almost seven hours last night, but I’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, which begs the question: Did I get seven hours of sleep or did I get one minute of sleep 420 times?*  The good news on that front is that I’m scheduled to get one of those CPAP breathing machines on Saturday.  Here’s hoping I can get some actual rest for a change.

Well, it’s time to call it a night.  I might get a phone call from work tonight, but that’s okay.  I’ll deal with it if it happens.  Otherwise, back at it tomorrow!

*note: Seven hours times 60 minutes per hour is 420 minutes.  I did that math in my head because I are smart.  However, just to see what happens, I went to Google and entered “how many minutes are there in seven hours” and it returned the right number.  So Google is pretty smrt too.

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