Exercise is for Suckers

Exercise is for suckers, which makes me a sucker.  Sort of.  A tiny bit.  Almost.

We’re going back to Disney World in a few weeks and I am clinically fat and out of shape.  I suggested to my wife that starting tomorrow we should go to the gym and practice walking… because really, I need the practice.  She suggested that we go for a walk around the block tonight.  I scoffed.  She insisted.  I caved and went.

It was only 20 minutes and it was okay because it is gorgeous out.  I actually worked up a tiny bit of a sweat, but that is probably because I’m so ridiculously fat and gross and awful, though 30 pounds less fat and gross and awful than I was a few months ago.

I learned one thing on our walk.  I learned that at least one of our neighbors is a jerk face.  Why?  Because there was a band rehearsing in one of them there houses and they have never invited me to play!  I mean, I am a thoroughbred dad-band shred master with all the coolest vintage style gear.  I mean, come on dudes… I own a Klon pedal (not the Centaur though) and I own TWO (2) 40+ year old Gibson guitars!  I am dad-rock gold!

Maybe this summer I’ll try sitting on the front step with my amp at full blast and see who comes visiting.


Change of subject:

Why do Sushi restaurants have fish tanks?  Is it advertising?


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