The Day After

I’m sitting at my desk at home. I just had a little weight watchers friendly breakfast. I’ve been searching around for Star Wars related fathers day jokes while watching the bird feeders. Mostly though, I’ve been trying to adjust to not having anything to do right now. The last two days were hyper and exciting and busy and rushing rushing rushing, and today… at least prior to dinner tonight, is quiet and responsibility free.

The graduation festivities are over.  We’re back to normal.  It feels a little sad.  It feels a little, “now what?”  The kids are at their Dad’s today and that makes it worse.  I miss them both like crazy.

The graduation ceremony was perfect.  It was super windy out but otherwise the weather was great up until the last half hour or so when it got really cold.  That was okay.  Everyone managed.  There was only one speech that felt long, but it was okay.   They had a keynote speaker and he was only up there for about three minutes.  Clearly the guy understood what his audience wanted.  My step daughter had a smile on her face from the first moment they walked in right up until the moment she went home.  You couldn’t have moved that smile with a jack hammer.  She looked down right giddy.  I am so happy for her, so proud of her.  I keep saying it because I keep meaning it.  She is amazing.  Watch out world, here she comes.

The graduation party yesterday was nice too.  Bellana did an exceptional job as the center of attention.  She made sure to spend some quality time with everyone.  It was interesting seeing the kids’ other extended family.  Their father’s sister has two kids who are roughly the same age as my step kids.  I hadn’t seen them since they were little, and now one is a high school graduate and the other is a high school student.  Kids grow up so fast.  If you look away for a minute you miss it and BAM they are all grown up.  I got to see my niece and my nephews, which I love.  My friend Larry’s son seemed nervous when he first arrived but eventually he worked his way into whatever my brother and sister’s kids were doing and that was great.  He also reminded us that we promised him a game night.  You are correct, sir.  We did promise.  There will be a Ticket to Ride match coming soon.

Then there is today.  All of those major events are over and I’m just sitting here.  I slept kinda late, which was absolutely wonderful.  We are having a fathers day dinner with my side of the family tonight.  I’m not sure if my parents are going to make it or not.  I’ll give my Dad a call this afternoon and make sure I wish him a happy fathers day.  I always feel weird at fathers day.  I’m not a father, but people act like I am.  Some people just assume, like the woman at Dunks did earlier today.  I don’t think my niece and nephews quite get it, and that’s okay.  I just feel like I’m stealing someone else’s thunder.  I kinda feel like a fraud.  Now if they had a Step Fathers Day, I would be all over that.  I would wave flags and have parades and all kinds of stuff.  Today though… it’s just weird.

I’m not sure what I want to do today before we go to dinner.  The weather is a little crummy so I won’t be hanging out on the patio.  Jen is taking advantage of the down time to get a little work in.  Earlier she was researching things we can do to let our 100% indoor cat play outside.  She was talking to the kids’ step mother who told us about these pet cages that you can put your cat in and then bring outside.  The cat gets to hang out in the nice weather without risk of it running into the woods and getting eaten by the hawks, or whatever other nasty predators are out there.  One of the cages we looked at on even has a cat hammock!  How awesome is that!  I might play some guitar today, but I don’t know.  There’s a good chance I might just be super lazy and watch TV all day.  I’m about halfway through What We Do in the Shadows and it’s really funny.  Season three of Jessica Jones, the final Marvel Netflix season, came out on Friday.  I am only one episode in, but I might binge it today.  I also haven’t started watching the new season of Archer yet.

Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dads out there.  May your kids spoil you rotten for a day.

One thought on “The Day After

  1. I enjoyed this whole post (as I usually do), but I got a little riled when you talked about stealing the thunder and feeling like a fraud. I know in the vast configuration of things I’m just a tiny little speck (to paraphrase the immortal James Stewart) but I hope you’ll believe me when I tell you there’s no way you’re stealing anyone’s thunder! And you’re definitely NOT any kind of fraud! You are quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to my daughter and grandkids. Trust me on that.


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