WW Pre-Game

I woke up earlier than I planned so I’m killing a little time before leaving for weight watchers.  Last week was the first week since I got back into this that I missed a check in.  We were away on our 10th anniversary mini-getaway so I couldn’t make it.  Due to being less than good food-wise (only a little bit) on said mini-getaway, I expect to be up a little today.  I could be wrong, but we’ll see.

WordPress.com just sent me a reminder letter about something I wasn’t going to do and now I might do it because what the hell.  A few weeks ago I ran out of free storage.  Bummer.  They do offer multiple tiers of paid services which include storage space.  I promised myself I would never buy in, but then I went ahead and signed on to the cheapest plan.  It includes one year of free domain name with a .blog extension.  I didn’t care about that.  I wasn’t going to use it.  Then this morning they sent me a reminder that I had a credit for one year of free domain.  Ugh, now I want it.  Jerks.

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