Pain, Crushing Pain

I watched the whole game last night.  At least I had the NBCSN stream on my computer all night and I was in the room while it was playing.  At some point during the second intermission my step son decided he was going to have a political discussion and I was totally up for it.  We went deep into our broken system.  We disagreed on some things, and agreed on others.  It was enlightening and fun and I’m really glad we did it.

It did mean that I couldn’t hear the commentary going on during the Bruins game though.  In the third period, I saw a Bruins player go down injured, and on the same play the Blues scored what turned out to be the game winner.

I didn’t see a trip.  Looking at replays today, holy shit did I see a trip.  Blatant and obvious and really insulting that the incompetent officials failed to call it.  Regardless of whether it lead to the game winning goal or not.

Here’s the thing though.  While it was definitely the most evenly matched game of the series so far… I kinda think the better team won.  I kinda think the Blues were going to win even if the shit officials had made that call.  In other words, I don’t think that awful call changed anything.

The Bruins were good, but the Blues were better.

Enough with the overskating the puck.  Enough with the dumbass cross-ice passes.  Enough with the inability to clear the puck out of the D zone.  Enough giving them seemingly endless stretches of offensive zone time so that when you finally do clear it you have to dump it in and change lines.

The bad non-calls are not the reason we lost that game.  We had better show up for game six on Sunday.


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