I doesn’t happen often, but last night it happened. Television was scary enough to effect me after I stopped watching.

The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. Episode five.

We were in the living room. Jen was watching Titanic on VH1 on the TV. I was watching Netflix on my iPad while sitting next to her on the couch. The episode wasn’t that scary. Of the five I’ve seen it was one of the least scary. It had plenty of Holy Shit moments, but maybe not as many as some of the others.

What it had was a lot of haunted house creepy stuff. Lots of it. I mean, tons of it… and the ending. Christ on a Crutch was that tough to watch.

So it was over and I shut off the iPad and took out the air pods and sat and watched the Titanic sink with the love of my life. So I had super scary TV show with a brutally awful tragedy movie as a chaser. We decided to go to bed shortly before Rose found her door that somehow wasn’t big enough to hold Jack too. Jen fell right to sleep, bless her heart. I sat there.

The heater kicked on and I jumped. The cat was out in the kitchen munching on cat food and I jumped. A car drove by slowly and my skin crawled. On a normal night Jen falls asleep first while I sit up in bed for a few minutes. Then when I lay down to sleep I turn the lights off.

Last night I didn’t turn the lights off.

Like some kind of horror movie light weight.

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