The World Series Match Up is Set

In 1916 the Red Sox made their fourth World Series appearance.  They beat the Brooklyn Robins four games to one to capture their second championship in a row, third in five years, and fourth overall.

At some point during the 1930’s the Robins changed their name to the Dodgers.  In 1958 they moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.  In 2018 they won the NL pennant, and on Tuesday they will face the Boston Red Sox in the World Series (game one) again.

For 102 years, the world has been waiting for this particular rematch (no it hasn’t).  Last time around we had Babe Ruth and they had Casey Stengel.  Now they have Machado and Puig and Kershaw and we have Mookie and Xander and Sale.

Game one is on Tuesday.  Clear your calendar.

We all know that the Yankees have the most World Series championships in MLB history (27, the assholes).  The Cardinals are in second with 11.  Who is in third place?  Why, your Boston Red Sox are in third place with eight.  Hopefully a week or two from now it will be nine.  We’re coming for you, St Louis.

Go Red Sox!

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