For a minute there I thought I fell for a phishing attack. I got an email telling me to reset my Playstation account password that I never, ever use. I’ve gotten a bunch of these in the past so I clicked on it and entered a new password. The second I filed it I though… was that legit?

So I Googled Playstation network and went through the reset password steps directly. I got the email again and when I clicked on it I was sent to the same place as the first email. Okay. It was legit. I put in a different password than the one I used two minutes prior, and all is now (hopefully) right with the world.

Pay attention, folks. Don’t get tricked into giving away your information. Be more safety conscious than I was. There are a lot of shitty people out there. We have to stand up to them together. Solidarity, brothers and sisters in internet security!

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