High School Musical

Tonight was the opening night for my step kids’ 2018 High School Musical (no relation to the Disney movies).  Step daughter was in the chorus and had a couple of lines.  Her character’s name?  Adult.  Step son was in the pit band playing percussion.


The play was a lot of fun. There are two more showings tomorrow and then a couple more next weekend. I hope to see them all.

One thought on “High School Musical

  1. I didn’t know it was going to continue next weekend! I’m sorry we can’t come today, but maybe Jennifer can get tickets for next weekend instead? For the four of us, sitting together? Sherm’s arm should be a lot better by then so we shouldn’t have to worry so much about it being jostled by the crowd. I’ll try to call Jennifer later, but please mention it to her. I really regret missing this one!

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