The Nerding Continues

Just when you thought it was safe to read the blog without hearing about the stupid RPM Challenge.

When February became March I had four songs that were one lead guitar part away from being complete.  I also had three songs that needed vocals, lyrics, melodies, and lead guitar.  That’s seven leftovers.  But wait, there’s more!

On three separate occasions, while recording rhythm guitar parts, I used the Music Memos app on my iPhone to record a couple of bars worth of ideas for guitar riffs.  I never got around to using those ideas.  Well that clinches it.  I had a total of 10 ideas that were left out of the final project.  Now what does that mean?

It means that RPM2018 continues into March!  I will finish these 10 songs so that I can have a full RPM album worth of outtakes.  I’ll call it It’s Always Outtakes in Connecticut.

Game (still) on!

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