Talk About a Spectacle

No, I am not talking about the Apple Event from earlier today.  I had to work through that and couldn’t even follow along on twitter.  I’ll catch up eventually though.

No, the spectacle I’m talking about is my new spectacles.  I have been wearing reading glasses since I was 12 or 13 years old.  Lately my eyesight has been getting noticeably worse so I made an appointment with an eye doctor over the weekend.

The diagnosis?  My left eye is perfect.  Or just about perfect.  My right eye… a mess.  The treatment?  Progressive lenses.  Looking through the very top portion of my new specs works for long distances.  Looking straight through the middle works for medium distances.  Looking through the bottom of the lenses replaces my old reading glasses.

I have now had these glasses for about 24 hours.  What do I think?

I’m getting used to them, but it still feels odd.  I can’t move my eyes to look around, I have to move my whole head.  That is taking some getting used to.  Reading at the computer is hard because I want to look straight ahead but I have to look down.  So I find my head tilting back.  It’s just odd to have to tilt my head up and down to find the right angle from eye to lens to object such that the object is in focus.

What’s the weirdest part of the whole thing?  When I get up from the computer to walk somewhere I am no longer supposed to take off my glasses.  20 times today I reached up to take them off.  Stop doing that!  The other weird thing is I don’t have to carry a case around anymore.  Every time I went somewhere today I felt like I was forgetting something.

The worst part?  When they slide down my damn nose and I have to push them back up. I’ve had it up to here (raises hand to the level the glasses are supposed to be instead of the level they actually are) with that already!  Adjustments are needed!


One thought on “Talk About a Spectacle

  1. For slippage try this web site: . Saw them on Shark Tank one night when randomly flipping thru channels and it seems perfect! You should try to either raise your chair or lower your desk because you’re going to get an awful stiff neck by tilting your head back to see the computer. I find the lower the computer screen, the most comfortable. Good luck! You’ll get used to them, I promise. Can’t wait to see them on Saturday!

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