How will those 50 US Senators and the fascist posing as Vice President live with themselves?  They just voted to roll on with taking away healthcare from 20+ MILLION American citizens.  Well, I guess the rich people will get tax breaks so everyone else can just get on with dying, right?

John McCain.  I keep putting faith in that man.  I keep believing that he will be the decent human being we once thought he was and that he will stand up to the fascists and do the right thing.  Push hard on Trump’s election rigging.  Support healthcare for his fellow Americans.  No.  He just keeps disappointing me and doing exactly the opposite of the right thing.  The man was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Had surgery.  Flew back to Washington to vote today… and voted to start the process of robbing over 20 million of his fellow Americans of their healthcare.  How many millions of Americans suffering for tumors similar to yours will die because you were not man enough to stand up to Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.  I once considered John McCain an American hero.  No more.  Now he’s just another evil fascist collaborator.

Fuck you, John McCain.  Fuck.  You.

One thought on “51-50

  1. Amen! It’s just so damn discouraging. I’m glad I’m old enough that I probably won’t see the worst of what’s to come, but I’m worried for you and your generation, and for my grandkids and their generation. I never thought I’d live to see the day something like this would happen.

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