Two Twitter Politics Thoughts

I posted something to twitter last night that got a little bit of a response. I replied to a CNN post saying essentially two things. First, Trump is a fascist. Second, what Trump labels fake news is not in fact fake news.

There were about five responses from conservatives. Four of them swore at me. I’ve never met any of these people, I just don’t agree with their political ideology. Yet they felt the need to swear at me. Okay, that’s the world we live in now. The CIVIL in CIVILization is clearly lost on much of our society. What can you do though, hate is just so in fashion.

The other response is probably notable because it came from the first two conservative responders, and because I found it really hysterically funny. They both commented about how CNN is fake news. They didn’t react to me calling the president of the United States of America a fascist, they commented about CNN. So obviously they agree that Donald Trump is in fact nothing but a dirty, disgusting, orange pile of fascist goo.

The movement is spreading, folks! Resist!

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