There was a time when I looked at Alex Rodriguez with something akin to hope. Barry Bonds had a legit chance to soil Hank Aaron’s home run record with his steroid induced bombs. Could someone maybe catch the Balco freak and give us our record back? Might it be Alex Rodriguez? If anyone can do it, it is probably him.

Then, of course, A-Rod got busted and admitted to using steroids himself. Then it happened again. Damn it, you asshole. I was starting to count on you.

Now it’s all coming to an end. The Yankees say that they are just moving him to a new position within the company, but let’s call it what it is. He’s getting cut. Midway through a disappointing Yankees season that included selling off all of their valuable players, Alex Rodriguez gets cut. Released. Fired. Read between the lines there, it means that no other team in the majors had any interest in trading for him. He’s done. He’s toast. He’s finished.

And I am one gleeful Red Sox fan.

The Yankees come to Boston tomorrow for a three game series and it is our collective last opportunity to boo the steroid freak back to the stone age. Let’s all practice:

Des-ig-na-ted clap clap clapclapclap for-as-sign-ment clap clap clapclapclap

I so hope that the Red Sox bring Jason Veritek back so that he can relive the famous face washing of 2004. That magic moment when we realized our Red Sox had a set of balls. Their season didn’t turn around immediately after that fight, but it may as well have. That was a glorious day in Red Sox history.

Alex Rodriguez, you are a steroid using cheater who let the baseball loving faithful down by being just as much of a scumbag as Barry Bonds. Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, there you were visiting an “anti-aging” clinic. Now you have lost all of your skills (both natural and chemically induced) and you’re being kicked out on your ass. I hate you for being a cheater. I hate you for being a Yankee. True, but I sure do love that we get to help run you out of the league.

So long, A-Rod. Don’t let the door hit you on your pin cushion of a steroid using ass on the way out!

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