Operating Systems Galore

I do this every time we go through one of our Macintosh switcheroo’s. I set up a new Mac, and then set up parallels, and then set up a bunch of different operating systems to run on the virtual machine. It’s always Ubuntu because Linux rules even though I really don’t use it. Then I set up Windows so I can use the new Mac for work.

Today though, we did something new. Today I noticed that you can install a pre-release version of Windows 10 without paying for a license. Cool! I am typing this on internet explorer because I don’t want to install another copy of Chrome onto another virtual machine, and internet explorer is running on Windows 10. Windows 9? No way jose, this is Windows 10!

So far it looks a lot like Windows 8 only with a start button. Which is what those few unfortunates who are running Windows 8 wanted in the first place. Yippee and all that!

I think I’ll go start up Ubuntu and run that on my Mac’s virtual machine for a while.

Playing Operating System roulette kinda rules all.

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