iPads for Everyone

Last year my wife and I got each other an iPad 2 as an anniversary present. When the new iPad (3rd gen) was released my wife upgraded while I decided to hold out for the iPhone 5. Just prior to Christmas, she got a nasty case of GAS, or gadget acquisition syndrome, and waffled between an iPad mini, a Nexus 7, and the new Kindle, before going for the Nexus. We decided that it would count toward her Christmas presents.

For the last couple of years we have gotten the kids one gadgety Christmas present from the two of us to augment what Santa brings them. This year we decided to get them new iPads (4th gen). They each had an iPad 2 at their day’s house, so it would be nice to have one at our house too.

Through all of this, little did I know that my darling wife was also getting me an new iPad (4th gen). That made three lightening connected, retina display iPads coming into the house on the same day.

So now here we are. The three of us, all sitting in the living room messing with our new iPads while an Indiana Jones movie plays on the tube ( The Last Crusade). The kids are playing games. Their step dad is writing drivel. We are all just enjoying a flaky Sunday at home, being nerds.

I love my family.

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