Wedding Planning/Supply Shopping in High Gear

We went to an arts and crafts store tonight intending to look at do-it-yourself wedding invitation kits.

We got more…
Much more…

Invitation kit? Yes
Program kit? Yes
Guest book and pen? Yes
Cake topper? Yes
Cake knife and server? Yes
Place cards? Yes

Check all that stuff off of the wedding to-do list babie, we got it all!

We also got some cool ideas for flower-free centerpieces. I propose we use nothing but candles and set off some fire alarms!

Now we sit in our office looking at more centerpiece ideas, installing visual studio .net so Jen can teach me how real web programmers do things, (you mean they don’t write HTML code in notepad like me?) and listening to Blue Oyster Cult.

Yup. It’s been a weird 70’s metal kinda week for me. I’ll probably write about that later (after I finish plowing through the Black Sabbath catalog I have on my iPod).

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