Halloween and other stuff

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Subject Halloween and other stuff
DateCreated 11/3/2008 12:20:00 PM
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Body I want to be able to trick or treat again.  I feel gypped.  I feel robbed.  Why can’t I, at 37 years old, still trick or treat?  I could put on a costume just like any little kid can.  I can eat candy like any little kid can.  In fact, I can eat candy better than any little kid can.  So why can’t I trick or treat?  I can still get in on the Christmas fun.  I can still have turkey till I puke and pass out on Thanksgiving.  Why not trick or treat!

In other words… I wanted to post something but could not think of how to start.  That and I read an interesting article on cnn.com today about people being pissed off on the ‘net.

Halloween was great.  The festivities started last week when Bellana and Harry and I carved up a pumpkin.  I know we used to do this when I was a kid, but I can’t ever remember being allowed to do any of it myself.  I think, and my memory could be a little inaccurate, that this is my first Jack-o-Lantern.

I cut off the top and scooped out the guts.  I seriously underestimated the gross factor, but it all went well.  I asked the kids to draw on paper the kind of face they wanted to have.  The final result is a compromise of Harry’s triangular eyes and nose, which beat out Bellana’s circular idea, and Bellana’s toothy grin, which beat out Hary’s more toothless grin.  Bellana also suggested that we give the pumpkin a cavity.  They are fans of a cartoon called Fairly Odd Parents, (funnier than sponge bob, but not as funny as the mighty b, and definitely the coolest theme song) and the Halloween episode ends with all of the kids in town in line at the dentist’s office post-halloween-candy with mouths full of cavities.  So the pumpkin got a cavity.  I carved one eye, then Bellana did the other eye, then Harry did the nose, then I did the mouth.  I suggested we name the jack-o-lantern Jack as I am not that creative, but Bellana suggested we go with Peanut Butter instead.  So meet Peanut Butter the Jack-o-Lantern.

(side note… Peanut Butter goes out with the trash tonight.  He’s turning a gross shade of black.  So long and thanks for all the fun ‘Nut!)

The next event was a Halloween party at the kid’s father’s house.  That was fun.  The highlight was definitely the Mr Potato Head Pumpkins.  I did not know that such wonders existed in the world.  You take a pumpkin, poke strategically placed holes in it, and then fill the holes with some very cool Mr Potato Head-esque limbs. 

Finally the Halloween festivities ended with Halloween itself.  Bellana dressed up as Hermione Granger and Harry dressed up as Iron Man.  We spent the evening at my parent’s house in Tewksbury where we were met by my sister Lisa and baby Patrick, who was dressed as a pirate, and my brother John and his wife Mary and baby Sarah, who was dressed as a pumpkin.  We also had a brief visit from Mike and Tammy and Cecilia, who was dressed as Mickey Mouse, too.

The trick or treating was enjoyed by Harry and Bellana and Sarah, as well as Jen, John, Mary, and me.  We hit every participating house in the old neighborhood.  The kids did all right for themselves.  The post trick or treat candy count was in the low 60’s for each of them.  A pretty good haul. 

Prior to the end of the celebration we managed to stage a little photo shoot with all four kids.  It should prove to be the first of many such pictures of all four kids together.  There will probably be more kids in the future.  (hehe Hi Jen!) but for now this is all of the kids together.

Bellana was seriously happy when Mary said she could hold Sarah for the picture.
She was so proud I thought she was going to burst.  And she did a great job.

This weekend’s post Halloween come down was spent at home.  I was on-call and not really able to go out to do anything.  So we did a few domestic things.  Jen suggested we rearrange the desks in the office.  All we did was move them from the outer wall to the inner wall, and some how it looks as if there is 10 times the space in the room.  Jen picked up some computer accessories for both of us.  New speakers for her computer, and a new keyboard, mouse, usb hub, and monitor for mine.  Yeah… I totally hit the jackpot.  Thanks Jenny!  The monitor is 22″ widescreen.  I was mopping up drool all weekend.  It’s awesome.

I also spent some time in the cellar working on my next great musical failure.  After failing to complete the RPM Challenge the last two years I decided to set my sites on failing to complete the National Solo Album Month this November.  The idea behind RPM is to record an album.  NaSoAlMo is similar except it stipulates all of the songs must be written within the month, and no other musicians can perform on it.  It should be a true solo album.  I’ll give it a shot.  I do these things just as an excuse to make myself try to make music.  It doesn’t matter if I finish the challenge or not, as long as I do something.  On Saturday I spent a couple of hours recording musical ideas.  Not much, but a start.  We’ll see how far I get before I run out of steam.

Jen and I also started catching up on DVDs we’ve bought recently without actually watching.  Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs was pretty funny, but maybe not as good as Bender’s Big Score.  I expected to spend more time finding fault with Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull than actually enjoying it… but I still enjoyed it.  Sure the aliens and the refridgerator don’t make any sense, but it’s fun regardless of the raping.  Yes, something does fall from the sky into the water at the very end of Cloverfield.  I totally missed that in the theater.

For someone who didn’t have anything to write about… I sure wrote a lot.  That’s all for now.  Happy Halloween (belated) everyone!

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