Daylight Savings Had Me for a Minute There

Daylight Savings is over for another year. Back to standard time for our sorry asses. Did everyone remember to turn their clocks back at 2:00am this morning?

I had a moment early today where I realized how spoiled being an Apple user has made me. I woke up to go to the bathroom, like ya do. I looked at my watch, but without my glasses it was kind of a lost cause. It looked like it was 4:00am or so, but I really couldn’t tell. The little clock I bought for Harry’s room next to my bed and it said 5:00am. Okay, that works. The alarm clock next to Jen said 5:00am too, and my CPAP said I’d been using it for five hours. So it’s 5:00am, right?


As I was getting back to bed again after doing me biz (TMI, right?) I remembered about the whole turning back the clock thing and for a minute or two there I was a confused, 90% asleep red head. How could the CPAP machine say five hours if we turned the clocks back. If the clock said 5:00am, shouldn’t the CPAP have said six hours? I know 100% that I turned it on at about midnight. Weird. That’s when I remembered I’m an idiot and clocks that aren’t connected to the internet the way my Apple Watch and my iPhone are don’t magically turn themselves back.

I said it before, I’ll say it again. Dumbass.

Dumb. Ass.

Jen and I just went through the house and fixed all the non-internet connected clocks. Is this the first time in memory that on daylight savings day all of the clocks are showing the correct time? I mean, all except for the cars. It’ll take years go get those suckers right.

Happy Back to Standard Time, everyone. Enjoy the sunset at 4:29pm today.

Wait, what?