Questions About Meds

Yesterday, after taking my second of three daily doses of steroid anti-itchy cream, I decided to skip a dose. My arm felt so swollen it was a little sore. By the time I reached today’s first dose I felt a lot better and there wasn’t any question of skipping again. I took it.

Today it was my tendinitis’d thumb that has me questioning things. It hurts just as much as before. I don’t feel any improvement, but keeping the ace bandage on does seem to help. The doc gave me two of them saying that the first one was “gonna get smelly.” Can you wash an ace bandage? I was hoping to get through today before I opened the second one, just so that I could say the first one lasted a week. Today when I put it on it was irritating my skin. Itchy. How ironic is that? I decided to leave it off for a while.

On the plus side, the visual signs of the poison ivy are starting to clear up. There’s that. The anti-itch cocktail of the steroid cream and the calamine lotion and little bursts of cortizone cream are helping a lot, but every once in a while the itch gets so bad that I can’t stop myself from scratching. In fact, actually rubbing the goop onto my skin can sometimes lead to scratching like the world is ending.

Things are better. Things are not right. How long is this going to last? Who the hell knows.

Speaking of my thumb… I want to play some guitar today but… I’m a little scared to try. Agents of Shield and laundry are helping to keep me away from the potentially upsetting discovery that it hurts too much to play.

I don’t like this.

Little Bottle is Little

My little bottle of steroid cream is already running low. I’ve had six doses of juice from it. I might get one more, two if I stretch it. I do get one refill with my prescription, but I was kinda hoping it would last longer than it has. Unless, of course, I won’t need it any longer. It does look a little better than it did 24 hours ago.

Calamine Lotion is kind of a dick. It’s not a lotion, it’s a liquid and it splashes and spills everywhere and it stains everything it touches pink. I’m going to be doing some clothes shopping once all this bullshit is over.

Oh, and my thumb really hurts today.