They Didn’t Think of That, Did They?

So, as hinted at by the previous post, the National Hockey League’s official playoff tournament started today. The games they’ve been playing for the last two weeks are official post season games, but they aren’t official playoff games… or something like that, whatever.

As mentioned in previous posts, the NHL has put each conference into it’s own bubble. All of the western conference teams are playing all of their games in Edmonton and all of the eastern conference teams are playing in Toronto. Each conference had two games scheduled for today. In Toronto, there was the Blue Jackets and the Lightning at 3:00pm, and then the Bruins and the Whalers at 8:00pm.

Or so they thought.

Here we are at 8:02pm and there is no sign of the Bruins. Why? Because the 3:00 Columbus vs Tampa Bay game is still going. The score is 2-2 at the intermission between the 3rd and 4th overtimes.

Remember, kids, in the playoffs there is no shootout. There is no stupid 3 on 3 garbage. In the playoffs, the games keep going until someone wins. It’s still sudden death, but the overtime periods are full 20 minute periods of 5 on 5 instead of the lame ass little five minute 3 on 3’s they have in the regular season. Columbus and Tampa Bay have played the literal equivalent of two full games, and it’s still going.

So the start of the Bruins game is delayed until someone actually wins.

I’m guessing no one at the head office who planned out the bubblized post season saw this one coming.

Go Bruins… eventually.

(also, go Blue Jackets. I hate the friggin’ Lightning)