It’s after my bed time and my laptop battery is getting close to dying. I worked on bass and drums for two songs tonight while also trying to follow the goings on in Washington. Chuck Schumer is kinda my Senate hero after using the T word. He called the rioters domestic terrorists. A perfectly accurate description.

I know that at least the Senate has voted to accept the Arizona electoral votes despite the first objections. I’m proud of them for working through the night. How decidedly un-McConnell like. I guess all we needed to whip the fascists was to have someone attack them personally.

It sounds like Trump’s cabinet might be resigning soon. It’s about fucking time, you fascist pricks. We’ve also heard that the 25th amendment was seriously discussed at one point today. Again, it’s about time you assholes did something about this.

Here’s to certifying the electoral votes, and here’s to the fascists finally showing their true selves and getting bitch slapped right out of existence. (well… as for that last bit… let’s hope that’s how it plays out)