Say Uncle

Holy crap.

Yesterday was the work equivalent of getting run over by a bus. Today has been the work equivalent of getting run over by 10 buses. Tomorrow is probably going to be 100 buses.

It’s not bad things at all, it’s just a lot of things all piling on at once. Holy Toledo, eh?

It’s almost time to punch out. Then I have to wait an hour or so for my sister to get here. Then I fill her in on how the day went, give her the pill caddy, and head home. Jen had a pile driver of a day too so we’re probably going to do some professional venting when I get there. It’s all good. I have missed her like crazy today.

Two minutes to quittin’ time. In the immortal words of David Lee Roth, I think the clock is slow.

Glad That’s Over

You know, as crazy stressful, super hectic, long and torturous work days where you bang your head against the wall all day without actually accomplishing anything go…

Today was one.

Sure glad that’s over.