Did I mention that when I went to the mall for the eye doctor’s appointment at Lens Crafters yesterday that I think I pulled my hamstring? I was just strolling along down the mall walkway and something pulled in my left calf and holy crap did it hurt. I was limping for the rest of the day.

31-32 hours later, it still hurts a little. Its nowhere near as bad as it was and I’m not really limping the way I was. Still… That happened, and also that sucked.

I guess that’s the karmic price I have to pay for going back into society again. I blame Covid-19, of course. I could blame Covid-19 for pretty much anything these days though. Jerk.

I’m still at my mother’s house. I expect to be here for another hour to an hour and a half or so. Harry won’t be home until late tonight too, so I am pretty much missing out on hanging out with him for the weekend. It’s like Mega-Maid. It’s gone from suck to blow. Insert sad “I miss my family” face here.

I started watching Loki again to try to make me feel better about being such a jerk. It’s not really helping, but I guess I’ll get back to it.