Jerry Remy

Jerry Remy passed away last night. Former Red Sox second baseman, decades long Red Sox color commentator, president of Red Sox Nation. Two of those are real things, the other is a marketing gimmick that actually happened. Which is which? You decide.

How many Sox games did he broadcast? Many. Many, many. He was the starting second baseman when I first started following the Red Sox. That was 1978 or so. I clearly remember him going to the disabled list in ’79. It was late in the season when my father took me to Fenway for the first time. The game had everything. Ek started (and won). Lynn made a diving catch in Center. Evans and Yaz both homered, Evans’ cleared the screen in left, and Yaz’ was the 400th of his career. It was a pretty freakin’ awesome game. The only thing I was disappointed about was Remy was injured and didn’t play.

He lost a long fight with cancer. How many times did he go on leave from NESN to fight cancer, then come back, then go on leave again? Many times. Rest in peace, Jerry Remy. Dude is bunting for base hits off the angels now.