Do I Need Frets?

As I watched this I looked at my 335 to make comparisons.

This looks bad (but maybe not as bad as I thought. My Les Paul is probably worse):


This isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It might actually be kinda good:

This teeny tiny piece of research made me feel a teeny tiny bit better… except that my Les Paul looks A LOT worse than this. Yikes. (oh, and I was trying to do a step from a different video to see if my neck was warped, that’s why the strings are touching the frets in this picture. In case you were wondering)

I also ordered a very cheap set of luthier tools from amazon today. At least I’ll be able to take measurements and maybe adjust the intonation myself. The electronics though… I’m not touchin’ that with a 30 foot pole.