You know those super annoying Facebook adds? You know how they pull things from cookies on your machine? They just got me. There was an add for a sale on reverb.com for one of my guitars. It’s not really my guitar, it’s just the same year, make, and model. 1979 Gibson ES-335 Pro. I bought mine on ebay for $700 in 2000. Mine is a factory second, so the sales price doesn’t actually apply here, but this reverb add is currently listed at $3,285.


That’s not why I’m writing this though. One of the pictures included in the sale listing looks like a magazine add for the 335 Pro that is complete with the specs. Cool!

My favorite part of this add is all the things that are white that, thanks to a heavy smoker in the guitar’s past, on mine are yellow. Maybe I should name my guitar Nicotine. It would be fitting.