Bob Saget

The entertainment world is just dropping like flies. We lost Bob Saget tonight. We were just watching clips of his stand up a couple of days ago.

I thought Full House was awful. America’s Funniest Home Videos was okay for a season or so and then it was unwatchable. I associated Bob Saget to both of those things and completely wrote him off.

Then I saw him doing stand up. I don’t remember where, did he do something for HBO? It was raunchy and filthy and hysterical. It was as far from Full House as you could get.

Then I saw The Aristocrats. Suddenly the man was a legend. A disgusting, foul legend.

Rest In Peace, Bob Saget.

ADDENDUM: My otherwise touching tribute to the memory of a great comedian, spoiled by the fact that I typo’d his name in the title of the post. Well, just fuck me. Sorry about that.