Anniversary Clock

My parents had three anniversary clocks. They also had three kids. We all wanted one. I took one without realizing that my sister had also claimed it. We were talking about drawing straws or something to see who gets which clock.

The one I took doesn’t work. It needed a key to wind it and we didn’t have the key. Today I was at my dad’s place helping pack him up to a new room (long story, not sharing) and some how, magically, I found a key that fits the clock I took. I tried using it today but I can’t get the key to turn. It just won’t budge. I kinda want to take it to a clock repair shop and see if it can be fixed. Even if it does end up with my brother or sister, I’d be happy knowing it came back to life. We’ll have to see.


Also, from a camera nerd perspective, dig the blurry background on the second and fifth pictures. On purpose? Oh, you bet your sweet ass it was.