Jury Duty Tease

The state of Massachusetts just dangled something cool in front of me and Jen and then, much like Lucy with the football, ripped it away from us at the last second.

We both received a Jury Duty summons in the mail today. I opened mine. It was for May 25th. That’s too close to Bellana’s graduation so I knew I’d have to take advantage of my one free change the date option. What did Jen’s say? Hers said May 25th too! How awesome is that! We could go together!

No… wait… Mine is in Lawrence and hers is in Newburyport. While we are given one free date change, we are not giving the option of a location change. I guess we won’t be serving the state justice system together after all.

We both moved the date to November… both on the same day, of course. Still in different courthouses though. Aw, fiddlesticks. Sad face.