The 2008 Point and Shoot

Last week I was looking for something in the film draw in my desk and I saw my old point and shoot. It’s a Casio EX-S10. I bought it just after Jen and I got engaged, back in 2008. I used to sneak it into concerts. I stopped using it in 2015 or so because I couldn’t find the charger and the battery was as dead as a door nail.

When I setup the new mirrorless camera on christmas day I stole the memory cards from my DSLR and my Nikon point and shoot. At lunch today I went looking in my camera bag to see if I could find any old, forgotten cards to put back into the point and shoot. There was a pocket in the bag that I seem to have forgotten about because when I opened it up, there was the Casio charger!


The engagement point and shoot is about to live again!


I checked the memory card and there were about 100 pictures on it. There were a few from our 2014 Niagara Falls trip, a bunch from our friend Carolyn’s wedding, and a few from one of the monster snow storms that pummeled us back in February 2015. All of the keepers were already on my Flickr account, including this one:


I doubt I will use this camera very much going forward, but I will use the memory card. The biggest, forgotten card in my camera bag was 2 gigs. I had put it into the Nikon point and shoot, but immediately replaced it with the 4 gig card that was in the Casio. Four gigabytes on the Nikon gives me about 460 photos. That’ll due for now. Eventually I want to get two seriously huge cards for the Z5. The little Nikon can get the 16 gig card back when that happens, and the DSLR can get the 32 gig card back as well.

The moral of the story here though is, the little Casio point and shoot is going to live again!