State Hospital Cemetery

Rob Shoots Film

Yesterday I shared the last useable shot taken with Dad’s Pentax K1000. Today we start going through the last batch of unshared, useable shots taken with my Nikon FG-20. There are a bunch, so it will take a while to plow through them all.

This is from the Tewksbury State Hospital Cemetery, which is made up of tiny unnamed grave markers. It used to be the saddest place on Earth (in my limited opinion) but now that honor goes to the nursing home my mother is living in. Sad face.

I like using fully manual cameras, like the K1000 and the FG-20, but I am coming to the conclusion that my eyes may require something with autofocus. Maybe a Nikon F100 or (gasp) an F5?

Anyway, here’s today’s picture.


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