Two Left

Rob Shoots Film

I’ve spent the last week or so going through photos taken with my Dad’s Pentax K1000 to see if there are any that I haven’t posted here yet. I’m down to the last two, not counting things that were taken with the roll of film Dad loaded back in the 80’s that are basically just blobs of green weirdness. Here’s the lamest of the last two. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking with this one.


Hopefully I was trying to take something else and just bumped the shutter button accidentally. Who knows. The other unshared shot is of a couple of buildings. Pointless, but better than this one. You’ll likely see that sucker tomorrow. After that I will go through anything still unshared that was taken with my Nikon FG-20. I think there are a lot more to go from those rolls.

After that? After that…

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