Busy Sunday

Talk about your busy Sunday. Jen woke up with a fever and a cough today. We both took happy Covid tests and both came out negative. She was too sick to take part in the day’s activities but her fever is gone and we’ll see about tomorrow. If she’s still feeling sick then she’ll stay home. Better safe than sorry.

I was worried about visiting my parents. I don’t want to get them sick if I am carrying something that they could catch. In the end we decided to go ahead and visit, just keeping the visits short. I went to see my father in the rehab facility. He’s been there since Friday and he’s not liking it. Here’s hoping when the regular day staff show up tomorrow things will improve. I don’t know how long he’s going to be there, but I really hope his mindset improves. My visit with my mother was tough. I don’t feel up to sharing details, but it was just tough. Of course it’s always tough so this wasn’t any different. It was just tough.

After the parent visits I went to my aunt’s wake. I saw a bunch of aunts and uncles, a slew of cousins, my siblings and my sibling in laws, and all three of my nephews. My niece, who I will hitherto refer to as my niece the future olympic athlete, was not there because she was training like a future olympic athlete. The reason for getting together was sad, but it’s still always wonderful to get everyone together. Even if there are so many people in our extended family that there isn’t enough time in the day to meet with everyone.

The funeral is tomorrow morning. I hope no one notices that I will be wearing the same pair of pants. You see, it’s the only pair of pants I currently own that isn’t jeans. Sorry that so much of my content over the last two days has been clothing related. It’s just kind of a thing for me right now.

I’m back home now. We’re going to door dash some dinner. I’m going to do what I can to help the love of my life feel better. If she wants to flake on the computer in her office then I might play some guitar. Otherwise I plan on just hanging out with her. I want to try and get her to start watching Andor, but tonight probably isn’t a good night for that (maniacal laugh). Maybe we can watch a movie, or pick another TV show to binge. We’ve been inching our way through Scrubs again. Does anyone else remember that the guy who played Chandler on Friends was in an episode of Scrubs? I’ve seen them all (except the season(s) at the end with the new cast) and I didn’t remember that at all. It’s okay so long as you don’t forget that people are bastard flavored bastards with bastard filling.

Okay. Dinner should be door dashing it’s way to us soon. Talk to you later, internet.