Powerball Fantasy

At lunch today I went to the store and bought a few Powerball tickets. The drawing is at 11:00pm Eastern time tonight and the jackpot is currently 1.2 billion dollars.

I could handle that.

The one time payout would drop the winning to about 600 million, and taxes would drop it to around 300 million or so. Petty cash, right? Jen and I have been sitting in the living room fantasizing about what we’d do if we win. New house and paying mortgages for everyone in the family. College funds for all the school age kids in the family. Huge new house for us. Houses for the kids. Destination properties in our favorite places to travel to. San Diego (probably La Jolla) and Manhattan.

You know, the usual instantly rich people plans.

I’m sorry to all of the people who bought tickets who will not be winning because Jen and I will be winning. Better luck next time, everyone.