Rob Shoots Film


I want to go back here one of these mornings and visit my geese friends again. They’ll probably attack me and kick my ass though.

I sent two rolls of film out for developing yesterday. I shot them both with the Nikon FG-20. On one roll I only used the A mode (aperture priority?). Here’s hoping I didn’t screw anything up.

My bank account and I are going to take a break from film for a while. I’m thinking of doing a great black and white film experiment (probably using Dad’s Pentax K1000) starting some time in late November. Until then I’ll be a strictly digital guy, but I’ll keep posting here until I run out of film shots again.

There’s a family vacation on the books for January and I expect to shoot a ton of film then. Assuming my film stash isn’t ruined by some jerk of an…

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